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Surf the internet knowing your IP address is hidden.

Thank you for visiting Web-Proxy.org the number one proxy site across the world for accessing censored content. Our mission is straight forward we want everyone to enjoy the freedom of the internet.

We can accomplish this by handling all your browsing needs and routing your web requests via our unrestricted proxy servers. This sites proxy servers run in multiple locations around the USA. We have an extremely fast up-link to the internet meaning browsing on our site is quicker than anywhere else.

Making sure your identity and information is kept secure while traveling across our networks is paramount to our success and that's why all our traffic is encrypted and protected by SSL certificates.

Thousands of users browse blocked websites via our network every day and many use our free service to visit social media sites such as facebook, twitter & youtube. We have found that returning visitors come back to our site because simply because they trust our service and want to remain hidden on the internet. Not only does using our proxy keep you safe it also give you a completely new IP Address every time you visit this is just one of many ways we ensure our users are anonymous.


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